About BTTM


Brownsville Think Tank Matters, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) community service and youth empowerment not-for-profit community-based organization located in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York.

Mission Statement

The mission of Brownsville Think Tank Matters (BTTM) is to create and implement constructive programs and projects that build communities by maximizing their resources, empowering their residents, revitalizing their images, and enhancing public safety.

Goals and Objectives

Goals. The goals of Brownsville Think Tank Matters are to:

  • Assess a community’s specific needs
  • Galvanize its resources
  • Implement constructive programs and projects
  • Maximize its resources
  • Empower its residents with the tools, information and resources they would need to harness their innate potential
  • Revitalize its image, and
  • Enhance public safety.

Objectives. The objectives of Brownsville Think Tank Matters are to:

  • Conduct a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis to ascertain the specific needs of a community
  • Identify its assets and resources
  • Provide the tools, staff and resources necessary to mobilize its resources
  • Cultivate the knowledge, skills, abilities, and inherent genius of its residents
  • Lower the crime and murder rate, truancy, teenage pregnancy, unemployment, drug addiction, and incarceration rates, as well as address any other areas needed to enhance the image and public safety of that community.

3 thoughts on “About BTTM

  1. As we here to gather
    Remember Think Tank Matters
    Cuz nuthins handed on a silver platter
    Diabetes drugs & we all getting fatter
    No1s moving but there’s a lot of chatter
    All lives matter but Black lives MATTER!
    Saying that don’t make a bragger
    IMA hustler cash plastic I brown paper bag ya
    Serious things agwan no laughter
    More cries than grinning teeth
    Cuz its no love in the city
    But so much lust no trustin these sheets
    Babies having babies so they treat us like us creeps
    But game we peep
    No deciet for the deceased
    Loyalty in our jeans
    Death for designer
    Stitched & binders
    Give it up quick to 1 liners
    “I love you”
    Truth heals I’m not here to lie to ya
    Use the Think Tank
    Just keep swimming don’t sink
    A revaluation on the brink
    Our eyes wide open don’t blink
    All lives matter we are an intelligence armed tank
    Never settle for stupid Always THINK
    -Sade B.


    • Thanks, Sade! I really appreciate you writing this. It’s beautiful. As I said last night, if I knew that you had written this, I would have invited you up to share it with the audience. We can’t miss another opportunity like this again. If you have something to share, let me know immediately. Anything that can help to inspire and uplift our people, I’m all for it! Thanks again, and I look forward to working with you in the very near future. Peace.


      • Thank you Mr.Robertson I am currently working on a few projects and I will definitely keep you posted. Enjoy the rest of the week. 🙂


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